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Righter Medical offers an opportunity for subscribers to discuss issues, questions, and receive guidance regarding intimacy. Our panel of doctors is available to help answer all of your questions, just purchase the subscription within the app.

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Why Do We Offer Righter Medical?

No matter your gender, race, or walk of life you may have questions about intimacy. These questions can be brought on by becoming intimate with a new partner, having a period of absence from intimacy, or even another medical issue causing symptoms related to sexual functioning. With a Righter Medical subscription, users that have medical, health, and intimate questions may ask a panel of doctors. Our doctors stick with well-researched, peer-reviewed treatment advice. We are completely confidential and can even help provide guidance on what may be causing your issues.

In addition to helping single men and women receive guidance, we also are able to assist married couples. It is very important to help patients that have some kind of sexual discourse find the root of the problem. We discuss your fitness status, medications, and other medical issues to start. If, as a couple, you’re fit and healthy we will help start a conversation to get on the right track regarding communication or refer you to the appropriate specialists. Intimacy doesn’t have to be difficult, we are here to help!

Our head of Righter Medical

Who is Dr. Joe?

Dr. Joe was raised in the Southeastern U.S and went to medical school in Little Rock, Arkansas. He then secured a scholarship with the US Navy, becoming a decorated Naval veteran in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Dr. Joe served ten years total in the U.S. Navy. After leaving, Dr. Joe returned to establish his solo practice in Urology. His practice evaluated different demographics that ultimately lead to their focus on sexual medicine and intimacy.

Dr. Joe is now a Medical Director of a Surgery Center. He also is a Certified Primary Investigator with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. He is a member of the American Urological Association and is a diplomate of the American Board of Urology.

Stay healthy

Advice from Dr. Joe

There is great importance in staying fit and healthy when it comes to intimacy. It’s important to not remain stressed within your life, seek help regarding any mental illness issues. Many factors play into relationship and intimacy health; eat well, stay physically fit, and say no to drugs.

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