Our Commitment

Righter donates 10% of all proceeds to the non-profit Stronghold Rescue & Relief

At Righter, we believe in a strong country with strong values and we are passionate about supporting our citizens and those who make our country strong and safe. Stronghold Rescue & Relief is a non-profit dedicated to helping those affected by warfare and human trafficking.

Stronghold Rescue and Relief

Who Do They Help?

Stronghold Rescue & Relief conducts rescue and relief operations for oppressed people suffering from the conditions of warfare and human trafficking. Comprised of former special operators from the military and law-enforcement communities, their team partners with patriotic business professionals to save innocent lives all around the world.

Stronghold Rescue & Relief sends in small teams of highly-skilled operators who partner with local leaders in affected areas to organize, support, and conduct rescue and relief operations in these dangerous and hostile situations. Not afraid of dangerous or challenging environments, the rescuers from Stronghold Rescue & Relief can be found where ever war are fought and people are sold– from cities, jungles, mountains and villages all over the world.

Righter strongly supports Stronghold Rescue and Relief and the important work they are doing the world over to help make freedom a reality for those who so greatly deserve it.

How else do we help?

Supporting Our Veterans

In addition to supporting an outstanding non-profit, we also provide premium subscriptions to all veterans, free of charge! Download Righter today!